Sorry for not updating any trial paper after September 2012. Was busy settle down with my career.

It’s almost mid of 2013, and most of you should be in holiday right now…

Enjoy the holiday, and good luck for your exam.

For those SPM/STPM leaver, I believe you had settle down with your path. Believe in your choice, and move towards your target. Good luck and all the best.



Trial Paper 2012

Hi all,

Nah, I not aware that the trial had actually conducted in certain, or I shall say, most states..

What to do.. Am just a freelance/part time/volunteer trial paper collector, and not famous among others.

Well, since I found some in the net, I will upload it real soon… Stay tune!!


Contributor Wanted!

Yes, is you! You are the one who I looking for! For what? For the papers in your hand!

Well, I enjoy to see that there are average of 1250 people visit this weblog everyday.

I do hope you enjoy the free download here.

Nevertheless, I wish people from Kelantan, Johor, Perlis, Pulau Pinang, Selangor, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Sabah and Sarawak will actively share your paper with us.

Simple and easy, scan your papers (no matter in what form), email it to sim_por@yahoo, and I will re-organize it and upload it here to be share with other visitors.

Benefit the rest of our friend while you enjoy the benefit from others.

Last but not least, good luck and study smart for your future.

P/S: Leave me comment if you found any mistake or improvement can be done on this weblog.

Thank you.


Good Luck PMR’s Candidates

Nah, it’s time for PMR.

Well, take it easy, and do your best

Don’t stress up yourself, just do whatever you can.

Do study last minutes to boost up and obtain a “reasonable” result which match with your hard work, something that you wish or want.

For sure, the more you struggle the better you get. Yet, let’s the luck or god decide the rest.

Chill and have a nice sleep.


Let’s GO!


Here we go. After struggling for few weeks, finally  I come to a conclusion-Keep going on.

Having problem on previous domains and storage issue, so now onward will be active upload the paper on this site.

As for 2009 and 2010’s papers, I will try to move it to here.

Whatever it is, this weblog will operate as how it works before–> Get the papers from all of you, rearrange & Comprise, upload.

You can just download directly for free.

Remember, the more you share, the more you will get.

Keep in mind that,  Please, don’t demand papers from me.

I not a teacher, not a student. I just provide a platform to share and exchange, not producing any trial papers.

Send you papers to my email, sim_por@yahoo.com. 

Thank you and good luck.




PaperCollection 2011

Should I doing it again this year? Give me some idea, please.
It getting harder and harder these day..
With no people sharing it…

Like the Facebook PAGE!!


Here the link, and Like it!

Announcement may make through the Page as i know young kid nowadays only look at Facebook.

Nice day