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This weblog I created to share all the trial paper from all over the Malaysia, to help up all the public examination candidates. I do hope for those who taking the examination, will share your paper with us. Give and take, and sharing is caring.

Kindly share your papers with me, by sending it to this website official email: sim_por@yahoo.com

If you have problem on download from here, do visit my Scribd account.

Thanks n Regards
(Updated: 27-08-2012)




(更新: 27-08-2012)


13 Responses

  1. how can i 贡献 them o???

  2. {suz0803}FYI, you can just scan and send your paper to me. Thanks

  3. many paper that cant view….y tis happen???

  4. {pink} The one you can’t view, mean that I don’t have the papers.
    FYI, all the materials in this website is depend on the contribution from readers/viewers or I get it from somewhere else. If there is no contribution from the readers and also can’t get from other website, it is hard for me to have the all thing. Sorry bout that.
    Good luck

  5. hello man
    when have 2009 trial exam paper ?
    pls quick tq

  6. i want stpm 2009 trial papers pls

  7. can i have 2001-2009 pmr exam paper and 2001-2007 trial exam paper??

  8. where can i get the answers for 2008 trial papers????

  9. This is the best collection of trial papers i’ve seen. The papers are complete with answers and classified systematically. this makes the students feel easier and more convenient when downloading the papers. Thanks for your endeavour. I really appreciate for it. Keep it on, please. You help people and you will get good things in return. Again, THANK YOU! 这个网站真的非常有系统,既方便又快捷,谢谢!

  10. this is the best trial papers website ever

  11. got answer for 2012 pmr trial?

  12. this papers are very usefull for me…..tq….

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