Sorry for not updating any trial paper after September 2012. Was busy settle down with my career.

It’s almost mid of 2013, and most of you should be in holiday right now…

Enjoy the holiday, and good luck for your exam.

For those SPM/STPM leaver, I believe you had settle down with your path. Believe in your choice, and move towards your target. Good luck and all the best.



12 Responses

  1. Hi….. just wanna say thank you so much for such great collection of trial papers. Truly appreciate your time spent through out the years for compiling these materials even with your work commitment. Your papers collections has indeed have help my kids!

    • Dear Mrs Lee,
      Thanks for the compliment. Wish your kids pass with flying color in the exam and pursue their dream job in future.

  2. thanks a lot for this trial collection…..it has help me so much….

  3. Eh … I just want know when you will post the least PMR Percubaan 2013 ?
    Please tell me as soon as possible .
    Thank you

  4. why some PMR trial exam paper without exam, can you kindly updating?
    why not 2013 trial PMR exam paper
    MRS yap

  5. First of all, thank you! I really appreciate what i got from this website. It helps me a lot in preparing my PMR exam now. I am doing those trial exam papers as my last preparation to sit for the examination this year.

    I hope to do more exercise…what i meant is that i wish Sir/Mdm will upload the 2013 PMR trial exam papers if can. I think i need somemore exercises before sitting for the PMR.

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. Thank You ! 🙂

  7. Dear all,

    I will update the trial paper if I happen to find it online.

    Do forwards your papers to me at sim_por@yahoo.com to allow me to share it with others as well.


    Good luck.


  8. you are such a loving and caring person to share with all pmr students. i am a parent and my girl is sitting for pmr. just browse through the internet and found this wonderful site. an excellent and noble deed. god bless you

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