2012 SBP PMR Trial Paper (2012 SBP PMR预考考卷)

only able to get one without answer. Let me know if you spotted any answer scheme.. TQ

Bahasa Melayu
Bahasa Inggeris
Kemahiran Hidup Teknikal
Kemahiran Hidup Ekonomi Rumah Tangga
Kemahiran Hidup Perdagangan dan Perusahawan
Pendidikan Islam
Bahasa Arab Komunikasi

Credit to: Cikgu Sila


2012 Kedah PMR Trial Paper (2012吉打PMR预考考卷)

Bahasa Cina Q&A
Bahasa Melayu Q&A
Bahasa Inggeris Q&A
Mathematics Q&A
Science Q&A
Sejarah Q&A
Geografi Q&A
Kemahiran Hidup Teknikal Q&A
Pendidikan Islam Q&A
Bahasa Tamil Q&A

Credit to: Jee2kk

Trial Paper 2012

Hi all,

Nah, I not aware that the trial had actually conducted in certain, or I shall say, most states..

What to do.. Am just a freelance/part time/volunteer trial paper collector, and not famous among others.

Well, since I found some in the net, I will upload it real soon… Stay tune!!