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2011 Terengganu PMR Trial Paper (2011丁加楼PMR预考考卷)

Don’t be surprise that I update a bit slow. I am working from 8.30-530, dinner, settle this and that, leave sometime for this weblog. Whatever you see here is whatever I have, so please don’t request for more.

Well, I welcome you to share with me your papers or link which you see papers that I don’t have it here.

Time being, focusing on PMR first. Later I will move on to SPM and STPM, hopefully. Stay tune!

Bahasa Cina Question
Bahasa Cina Answer
Bahasa Melayu Q&A
Bahasa Inggeris Q&A
Mathematics Q&A
Science Q&A
Sejarah Q&A
Geografi Q&A
Kemahiran Hidup Teknikal Q&A
Kemahiran Hidup Perdagangan dan Perusahawan Q&A
Pendidikan Islam Q&A
Bahasa Arab Q&A

Credit to: SMKADG


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