Let’s GO!


Here we go. After struggling for few weeks, finally  I come to a conclusion-Keep going on.

Having problem on previous domains and storage issue, so now onward will be active upload the paper on this site.

As for 2009 and 2010’s papers, I will try to move it to here.

Whatever it is, this weblog will operate as how it works before–> Get the papers from all of you, rearrange & Comprise, upload.

You can just download directly for free.

Remember, the more you share, the more you will get.

Keep in mind that,  Please, don’t demand papers from me.

I not a teacher, not a student. I just provide a platform to share and exchange, not producing any trial papers.

Send you papers to my email, sim_por@yahoo.com. 

Thank you and good luck.





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  1. thx

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