New Weblog Published

In conjunction with 52nd Independence of Malaysia, I hereby declare that the new weblog that I said before is publish officially. Wish with this, it will help you all in the next coming approximate 4 months.

At the same time, I received some comment in this weblog. Hereby, I would like to stress that, it is done based on voluntary. So for those who don’t like what I have done, you can just leave, and do watch up your words.

ps: Here will be less update due to managing the new weblog.

Thank you.


Latest Information

Dear all,

Personally, I would like to convey my appreciation to all of you, who visit and support my weblog. I was impressed with the increase of the visitor everyday.

Here, I would like to announce that I will continue to do the similar thing this year, and I will setup another stable weblog which can support more parallel download (I wish so). I will announce the link here once everything is done.

Again, I would like to inform that, all the while the weblog and collection is done by volunteer basic. If there are no link about certain files, means that I don’t have the paper and source for it. Kindly seek help from all of you, if found that you have the papers but I don’t have it here, please send it to me…

I not afford to send you all paper by paper. I take me long time if I want to attach each and every file for you. But I can guide you how to download the papers. For your information, I am a university’s student too, which I have my own study and exam to be busy. Bear with me if there are any delay of uploading the paper, and any inconvenient causes.

I wish you all all the best for your trial. Good luck and gambateh

caishenbao aka admin of TrialPaperCollection2008