Johor STPM Trial Paper (柔佛STPM预考考卷)

Download and re-upload from Joshuatly website. Looked like have a bit problem….but no choice, so just use it… >.< Sorry

Pengajian Am 1
Pengajian Am 2
Pengajian Am Answer
Physics Q&A
Chemistry Q&A
Biology Q&A
Mathematics T 1
Mathematics T 2
Mathematics S 2
Mathematics T 1 Answer
Mathematics T 2 Answer


12 Responses

  1. may i hv d pa2 ans skeme??

  2. halo there,
    can u send me a copy of the mathematic T1 ans sheet to my mail add
    bcoz i cant get d ans frm here !! 🙂
    thx a lot!!

  3. hi..
    myay i have pa answer.?

  4. hey,may u send me Johor stpm Bio trial paper 2008 2me?thx a lots…

  5. do u have the ans for math T1?

  6. hello, may you send me stpm geografi fizikal paper 2008 and 2009?thanks a lot

  7. hi. can u send me those trial papers(stpm) to my add. coz i x download it here . (bio,chem,mathematics,pa). iit will be great if u can do so. thanx. or

  8. do u have any bio paper 2 ‘s Quest. since 1995?

  9. hi.guys may i hav mathematics s paper 2 ans skeme.

  10. beri semua subjek stpm,ok

  11. hye….ley x send soaln ramalan stpm stiap ngri kt sye????

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