New thing I have

Here is some new thing I have, don’t know still can be use or not..

STPM Trial Kedah Mathematics (With Answer)

STPM Trial Melaka Sejarah (With answer)

STPM Trial Mathematics Formulae List

To all,

I not able to send you all the paper you want. Is too much to be attach. Just download at this website.

Thanks for the comment on supporting me. Your words will become my strength to continue it in the future. All the best.


Admin aka caishenbao


Last Post

Hello all,

I think, this will be my last post for this blog.

Just to clearify, I have no more papers to be upload and share with you all. I am sorry for can’t get the papers that you all request for, and also the answer that you all needed. I understand that, a paper that without a answer for reference is not idea for us to do it, even as an exercise. Yet, I have try my best to search, google and grab those papers for you all. That is what I can do, and what I can help.

Well, again, I would like say sorry to you all, for can help you all more than this.

I would like to wish you all the best, and good luck for the both SPM and STPM papers.

Here is my personal Email address, keep in touch with me, if you wish to do so.


Thanks and Best regards,

Admin aka caishenbao


Here is some scheme for some MRSM Papers…


Account Unofficial Scheme (Download and re-upload from


Johor STPM Trial Paper (柔佛STPM预考考卷)

Download and re-upload from Joshuatly website. Looked like have a bit problem….but no choice, so just use it… >.< Sorry

Pengajian Am 1
Pengajian Am 2
Pengajian Am Answer
Physics Q&A
Chemistry Q&A
Biology Q&A
Mathematics T 1
Mathematics T 2
Mathematics S 2
Mathematics T 1 Answer
Mathematics T 2 Answer

Perlis STPM Trial Paper (玻璃士STPM预考考卷)

I get Perlis Paper for you all…. Thanks for sharing from Sweet Sue <>

Pengajian Am 1
Pengajian Am 2
Pengajian Am Answer
Bahasa Melayu 1
Bahasa Melayu 2
Bahasa Melayu Answer
Ekonomi 1
Ekonomi 2
Ekonomi Answer
Geografi 1
Geografi 2
Geografi Answer
Pengajian Perniagaan 1
Pengajian Perniagaan 2
Pengajian Perniagaan Answer
Sejarah 1
Sejarah 2
Sejarah Answer
Physics 1
Physics 2
Chemistry 1
Chemistry 2
Chemistry 1 Answer
Biology 1
Biology 2
Mathematics T 1
Mathematics T 2

Analisys For BM SPM

Here I upload the BM analisys, which I optain from a website..
Analysis Paper 1

Analysis Paper 2

Good luck to all

Negeri Sembilan SPM Trial Paper (森美兰州SPM预考考卷)

This the N9 papers that I have so far. I had updated other states’ Papers as well, check it out. I make a sign (New) beside the new document..

Good luck

Bahasa Cina 1
Bahasa Cina 2
Bahasa Cina 1 Answer
Bahasa Cina 2 Answer
Bahasa Melayu 1& 2
Bahasa Melayu 1 Answer
Bahasa Melayu 2 Answer
Bahasa Inggeris 1
Bahasa Inggeris 2
Bahasa Inggeris 1 Answer
Bahasa Inggeris 2 Answer
Mathematics Modern 1
Mathematics Modern 2
Mathematics Modern 2 Answer
Additional Mathematics 1
Additional Mathematics 2
Additional Mathematics 1 Answer
Additional Mathematics 2 Answer
Sejarah 1
Sejarah 2
Sejarah 2 Answer
Science 1
Science 2
Science 1 Answer
Science 2 Answer
Physics Answer
Chemistry 1 Q&A
Chemistry 2
Chemistry 3 Q&A
Chemistry Answer
Biology 1
Biology 2
Biology 3
Biology 2 Answer
Biology 3 Answer
English In Science And Technology 1
English In Science And Technology 2
English In Science And Technology Answer
Pendidikan Moral
Pendidikan Moral Answer
Pendidikan Islam 1
Pendidikan Islam 2
Pendidikan Islam 1 Answer
Pendidikan Islam 2 Answer