Melaka STPM Trial Paper (马六甲STPM预考考卷)

I am using scribd as my platform to share the papers, as i found that if I upload in wordpress, it kinda lag to download the paper…

Here are the paper from Melaka…

Pengajian Am 1&2
Physics Q&A
Chemistry 1&2
Biology 1
Biology 2 Q&A
Mathematics 1 Q&A
Mathematics T 2 Q&A
Download and re-upload from


6 Responses

  1. i can’t open bio 2 the file still here or deleted de?

  2. this is spm 2007 bio not stpm 2008 bio melaka

  3. pls post stpm 2008 bio 2 ans?

  4. hello……do u have melaka trial for pengajian perniagaan…….i need it so much…

  5. i cant opn d physic paper……how come… 😦
    can u sent me via mail??
    thx thx so much!!!!!
    Gd luck !!

  6. an effort but quality needed improvement.

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