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Late Update

To all my visitor/downloader,

Sorry to all, i might be not able to upload any papers, within this 2 weeks, until 15 of October, because myself, is having exam in that 2 weeks.

Kindly be inform that, all of you may be have an alternative way to get the paper, from the other website. The link is available at my blogroll there, under categories of Paper Download(right hand site).

Also please been reminder,  if you think you have the papers, and I don’t have it, don’t forget to send me your papers. (trialpapercollection@gmail.com)


Admin of TrialPaperCollection2008



首先,小弟在此要向各位说声抱歉,因为小弟我在这两个礼拜里(今天起至10月15日)不能上载小弟手头上有的考卷了,因为小弟我在那两个星期里有考试(Final Exam)。

在这里,要通知各位,你们可以以其他的方法获取他州的卷纸,比如去其它的网站下载。一些小弟认为很有用处的网站,都放在我的blogroll里了,在Paper Download那个组(在右手边)。





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  1. pls post stpm 2008 bio 2melaka answer.thanks

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