Time Contrains

Hello all..

Currently, I am in my hometown, I having network problems here… Its hard for me to online… So, the paper I have, I uploaded them to scribd already, and yet to put the link here.. So, take your time to check the papers at the Scribd…

And so sorry, for all the late updates.. I will search for papers for you all, when I free….

Well, I am onlining at Starbuck right now…

Good luck to you all…



Melaka STPM Trial Paper (马六甲STPM预考考卷)

I am using scribd as my platform to share the papers, as i found that if I upload in wordpress, it kinda lag to download the paper…

Here are the paper from Melaka…

Pengajian Am 1&2
Physics Q&A
Chemistry 1&2
Biology 1
Biology 2 Q&A
Mathematics 1 Q&A
Mathematics T 2 Q&A
Download and re-upload from http://edu.joshuatly.com

Sarawak STPM Trial Paper (砂拉越STPM预考考卷)

SMK Matang Jaya, Kuching
(Contribution from ex-classmate, HLY )

Pengajian Am 1& 2
Physics 1 Q & A
Physics 2 Q & A
Chemistry 1 Q & A
Chemistry 2
Biology 1
Biology 2
Mathematics T 1
Mathematics T 2
Mathematics T Answer
Pengajian Perniagaan 1 (New)
Pengajian Perniagaan 2 (New)

Update for PMR Paper

Dear all,

Today I steal my time, to find out some papers, and add it in here. Check for the latest paper, at the PMR tab there, at the My Scridb Station….

Good luck ya, friend

Admin of TrialPaperCollection2008

Terengganu PMR Trial Paper (登嘉楼PMR预考考卷)

Only Science Papers

Science 1Q&A
Science 2 Q&A

Sabah PMR Trial Paper (沙巴PMR预考考卷)

Also only have BC papers

Bahasa Cina 1
Bahasa Cina 2

KL PMR Trial Paper (吉隆坡PMR预考考卷)

Only have BC papers

Bahasa Cina 1
Bahasa Cina 2
Bahasa Cina Answer