Selangor SPM Trial Paper(雪兰莪SPM预考考卷)

Bahasa Cina 1
Bahasa Cina 2
Bahasa Cina Answer
Bahasa Melayu 1
Bahasa Melayu 2
Bahasa Melayu 1 Answer
Bahasa Melayu 2 Answer
Bahasa Inggeris 1
Bahasa Inggeris 2
Bahasa Inggeris 1 Answer
Bahasa Inggeris 2 Answer
Mathematics Modern 1
Mathematics Modern 2
Mathematics Modern 1 Answer
Mathematics Modern 2 Answer
Additional Mathematics 1
Additional Mathematics 2
Sejarah 1
Sejarah 2
Sejarah Answer
Science 1
Science 2
Science 1 Answer
Science 2 Answer
Physics 1
Physics 2
Physics 3
Physics Answer
Chemistry 1
Chemistry 2
Chemistry 3
Chemistry Answer
Biology 1
Biology 2
Biology 3
Biology Answer
Prinsip Akaun 1
Prinsip Akaun 2
Perdagangan 1
Perdagangan 2
English In Science And Technology 1
English In Science And Technology 2
English In Science And Technology Answer
Pendidikan Moral
Pendidikan Moral Answer
Pendidikan Seni Visual 1
Pendidkan Seni Visual 2
Pendidikan Islam 1
Pendidikan Islam 2


7 Responses

  1. thx alot

  2. {freespy} welcome

  3. why i cant download selangor KL Perak and Terengganu de SPM trial exam paper? who can send to me pls

  4. {tkk} FYI, all the materials in this website is depend on the contribution from readers/viewers or I get it from somewhere else. If there is no contribution from the readers and also can’t get from other website, it is hard for me to have the all thing. Sorry bout that.
    Good luck

  5. y cannot click on any of the title of the papers?

  6. {shasha} FYI, if the title can’t b click, mean that I don’t have the particular papers. If I get the paper, i will upload it….

  7. Why cant download Some of selangor paper? and also other state de paper. SPM comming liao

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