Kelantan STPM Trial Paper (吉兰丹STPM预考考卷)

Pengajian Am 1
Pengajian Am 2
Pengajian Am 2 Answer (New)
Physics 1
Physics 2
Chemistry 1 (New)
Chemistry 2 (New)
Chemistry Answer (New)
Biology 1
Biology 2
Mathematics T 1
Mathematics T 2
Bahasa Melayu 1
Bahasa Melayu 2
Geografi 1
Geografi 2
Sejarah 1
Sejarah 2

SMK Tanah Merah, Kelantan. (Get it from an unknown person, thanks)

Mathematics S&T 1 (New)
Mathematics S&T 1 Answer (New)
Mathematics T 2 (New)
Mathematics T 2 Answer (New)
Physics (New)
Biology 2 Q&A


32 Responses

  1. nape ssh nk upload soalan2 stpm?blh x tlg forwardkan ke email sy di ‘’

  2. {sKyNeT} FYI, I have less material on STPM papers. And i have times constrain at this moment, since i having my final exam. I will upload some papers, from time to time, when I have time.
    Good luck

  3. hw 2 dwnld stpm papers? very hard.

  4. {SUHANA} Madam, firstly, thanks for been here. FYI, the STPM papers is not ready to be share yet, since I having times constrain to uploading the papers, as I having my final exam now. I will upload the papers, once I finish my examination. But from time to time, I will upload the paper a little bit, just not in buck..

  5. tq Admin.

    this indeed a good site! Keep up d good work!

  6. {suhana} Is keep going on.. 😀

  7. minta kerjasama kpd sume…. nk jwapan P.Am1( kelantan stpm trial paper )

  8. why so hard to download kelantan trial paper.can you send to my e-meil…please.only for p.a1&2,sej 1 and bm 2..i need your help

  9. thank u for sharing

  10. is there any answer scheme 4 de PA i & 2..tq

  11. y chemist paper cant download

  12. i need all trial papers from others state immediately…plzzzz

  13. lol
    y dun hav Skim de ?
    then how 2 check answer ?
    omg, till now also didnt upload answer ?

  14. haii… boleh tak bagi soalan sejarah 2 kelantan? plss tq

  15. Last year i got trial paper pengajian perniagaan 1&2 from Kelantan in other wbsite. But this year so hard to get it from any website. so i really need this state paper to help my student in their score. i hope somebody out there will share this papers with me and my students. thats all.tq (‘-‘)

  16. i m come frm sabah…
    who gt STPM akaun tips or trial paper cn giv me mah???

  17. Dear all, I only able to upload, whatever I have, either contribution from others, or I search it from internet. Though, FYI, I not a candidates for any of the public exam, or teacher for it. I did this all, is base on volunteering based. I welcome all kind of comment/suggestion, but, before you give a comment, please do review what have you contribute towards this trial papers sharing. I apologies for any kind of inconvenient, such as late update which are created by me, but, I do hope all of you can understand my hardness to online…

    No hard feeling, cheer….

  18. I really need answer for paper 1 & 2 trial 2008 klantan..I hope anyone can email the answer to my email.

    • I would be grateful if someone out there could email other state’s biology STPM paper 2 2009 and answer to me. I could share my trial paper in exchange. Thank you.

  19. salam…
    npe xde pper pengajian perniagaan ek????

  20. hye there,..
    can sumone send me de kelantan or terengganu state’s STPM Trials papers for 2009(Science stream/Bio-Chem) ??plz help i really need it very much

  21. hye there,..
    can sumone send me de kelantan or terengganu state’s STPM Trials papers for 2009(Science stream/Bio-Chem) ??plz help i really need it very much..diz is my email add(

  22. hello, its difficult for me to print this paper, can you forwarded this paper to my email


  23. pls help me,the time is getting short i need other states trial papers for all subject, i really need it…..

  24. i want last year stpm trial papers (BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY)…PLS HELP ME!!

  25. i would be grateful if i can get the percubaan pengajian perniagaan Kelantan n Wilayah Persekutuan 2010. tq.

  26. dun hv ekonomic??

  27. sorry…..i need trial paper2011 negeri kelantan & terengganu can you e-mil for me??? because i very need it……please…..thanks….

  28. help…. i need chinese stpm paper…

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