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Sabah SPM Trial Paper (沙巴SPM预考考卷)


4 Responses

  1. um, i jz wan to ask , where r all these papers get fr? izit government skuls or anywhere else?

  2. {xiao wa} FYI, all this paper I download it from a weblog. The link is available in my main page, under categories “Paper Download”. As far as I concern, all this paper is from government school, and the Excel Paper is the standard trial paper for Sabah. If I make any mistake or wrong information, do let me know.

  3. aslm, kertas soaln trial bg bahasa arab tinggi ade ke?
    prcubaan negeri sabah….

    • Kalau jumpa, akan saya muatkan di sini.
      Kalau tak dimuatkan, maknanya tak jumpa la tu.
      Minta Adik Fahmi turut kongsikan kertas soalan anda

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